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Avanti populo!

From the North East of England. Poetry, prose and cultural comment to keep you engaged and alert.

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Second Home Peru


Lilian welcomes, then evaporates,

To paint the secret evening.

Seduced by the cool morning

Peruvian Picasso

Victor Delfin smiles and creates

Sculpted women for his

Gallery, hidden  beneath the floor.


Cabs race from Lima Central

To catch the cavalcade

In Miraflores,

As presidents meet

In streets swept clean,

Where hotels gleam

Polished, in rapt attention.


Is this is where we should be?

Tourist city, American mall,

Rolled up dollars on polished mirrors

Reflecting back the one-eyed squint

Of a search for chemical heaven.


This is no rear view taxi ride,

Locked in a forward drive,

Baffled police, lost in backstreets,

Concealed brass doors,

Sculpture garden mysteries,

Sensing, feeling, revealing -

Levels of place, space and meaning

Beyond the standard visitor guide.


No-one expects you, in Barranco.


Mist hangs heavy on the ocean,

Mountains crash against the shore.

Cusco dreams, dizzy and distant.

This second home, half  a world away,

Reunites our lips and our love,

Then embraces our sighs of relief.


Steve Bishop