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From the North East of England. Poetry, prose and cultural comment to keep you engaged and alert.

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Ground Zero


Raining glass over Cadillac cars,

The Statue of Liberty screaming.

The heart of capital murmurs,

Manhattan’s sky stains red.

Is this Baghdad or Jerusalem,

Where missiles cruise, widows cry

And buildings shatter in the heat?

Surely, this is not America.


When victims have no name tags

The West keeps a wary distance.

One more battle in a war of the past,

Casting shadows across the night,

Breaks up the entertainment.

Faces and places too hard to name,

People, too frenzied to sway,

Play to an empty room.


But now the world loves America

Where the dream lies, buried and crushed.

We avenge and pity those homes

Of the brave, justify the unjust

With the name of collateral damage.

Ground Zero demands not only the bombing

Of mountains, hills and caves,

But the hopes and dreams of children.


In the shadows of Hiroshima,

In the fallout from Vietnam,

In the wailing of women from Palestine

The wretched are starred and striped.

This crusade is now stripped naked,

The challenge, to choose our sides

In the new world order where dollars fall,

From oil black bomb filled skies.



Steve Bishop